Face Masks

Due to high demand the straw hole masks available for pre-orders will be the solid sequin colors and a few non-sequin.  Pre-orders mean you will be able to purchase the mask but must wait for it to be produced before it is mailed to you.  Production is extremely difficult during this time so please be patient. Turn around time will be 2-3 weeks and will be mailed out in purchase date order.

Otherwise what you see is what you get, I suggest you grab one if you dig the fabric as there are a limited number in the non-sequins.

You may also notice the price has increased.  My remnant collection was vast and I did not have to purchase any fabric in the first release of the face masks. It was my contribution to keep production costs low. However this has gone viral and my private collection of designer textiles has been depleted. I must purchase fabric to continue to supply the demand. This is now reflected in the price, forgive me if I cause confusion.

What you should know about my life and production during this time:

-Shipping time is long, most fabric stores are not open, ALL OF MY PRODUCTION IS DONE IN NEW ORLEANS, most of the people I work with are not fully back in shop, I have one sewing assistant, I am not applying for any SBA/PP loans instead I've spent the time creating, I have not received any stimulus checks, most of my 2020 income was lost, I'm homeschooling a 6 year old, I have several other commissions in the works so the bills get paid, and on top of it mass producing anything isn't my thing. I'm a one of a kind gal.

Please understand this is a one woman show. I'm doing my best to roll with the punches and go with the flow. Love to you all for your continued support!

Europe, I'm trying to figure out shipping to you.  Stay tuned.

I will be updating the availability of the face masks at the beginning of each week. Check back if you would like something else. I am not able to take any custom pre-orders!!! I am also working on masks with no straw holes and cotton basic masks; high-end couture wearable art face masks are also in the works.  

* Fabric face masks DO NOT PROTECT YOU FROM COVID 19. Fabric face masks of any kind whether there is a drinking hole or not, only protect other people from your spray.  What is a spray you ask?!?  Any projectile spit, snot, sneeze, cough, or other fluids sprayed when opening your mouth.  Fabric face masks minimize the spray admitted from people social distancing.  THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED TO PREVENT ANY ILLNESS OR DISEASE INCLUDING COVID-19.

* All sales are final once the face masks have been shipped.  No returns or refunds.